Art of Wing Chun in swing


A little more than a month ago, Howard Hunter, decided to bring his passion and lifestyle to Arvada — in the form of the Martial Arts dojo Ancient Arts.

Sifu (meaning master) Hunter, who grew up in Arvada, began studying martial arts at a young age. Starting with Tae Kwon Do, Hunter quickly realized he had a passion for martial arts.

At 17, he began studying several forms of Chinese Martial Arts, finding a home within the art of Wing Chun.

“Wing Chun is a really unique art, and it’s a lot of fun,” said Hunter. “You learn about discipline, self-control and focus.”

Trained by Grand Master Ip Ching, whose father, Ip Man, trained famed martial artist, Bruce Lee, Hunter gained invaluable experience and began to immerse himself in the art form.

As a Chinese Martial Art, Wing Chun focuses on the natural movements of the human body. This art form teaches students how to breathe correctly and to build energy within the body.

Through specialized, simplistic movements and partner drills, students learn to develop strength and power by drawing their focus and learning to discipline the mind and body.

“We teach fighting principles, rather than rehearsed movements; we study the Chinese culture, language and philosophy,” Hunter said.

Along with Wing Chun, Hunter and his family also teach acupuncture and massage practices as well as how to use traditional Chinese herbs.

“The way traditional Chinese Kung Fu was taught, you were taught everything,” Hunter said. “To me, it’s not pure or true martial arts without the mental, physical and spiritual aspects.”

Opened this September, Ancient Arts offers a variety of Wing Chun classes for students of all ages. From children’s classes to adult self-defense classes, Ancient Arts provides a space for anyone to learn this art.

“I decided to open in Arvada because I grew up here, and I like the area,” Hunter said. “I wanted Colorado and the Denver Metro area to see Chinese Kung Fu because it’s different than other martial arts,” he said.

Ancient Arts, 6626 Wadsworth Blvd., teaches all ages, and can be contacted at 303-423-2238.


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