Centenarian reflects on 101 years


When Mildred Sorrells was born in Louisiana, William Howard Taft was president and the Titanic had sunk just a month before.

Sorrells, who has lived in Arvada for 15 years, celebrated her 101st birthday Tuesday, May 7, at Nightingale Suites.

“It means a lot,” Sorrells said. “When I think about it, we did a lot of things people don’t do now.”

Sorrells said one of her first memories was riding to school with her father, who worked as a teacher his whole life — in a horse-drawn carriage.

“We don’t live the life we lived there,” she said.

Sorrells lived throughout Louisiana during her life, working her family’s fields with her four siblings as they grew their own food.

“Momma said I was a tomboy,” she said. “When you have a boy, then a girl, then a boy, what’s she going to do? I learned to cope with them pretty good. I was a tomboy.”

Sorrells married her husband in the late 1930s and followed him around as he served in the army and World War II.

“At one point I moved to my mother’s house with my children and changed their school to their,” she said. “You do those things during wartime.”

Sorrells was able to visit her husband three times while he was stationed in Japan.

“I never did anything like that before,” she said.

Sorrells and her husband raised two sons, who now have their own children and grandchildren. Sorrells is a great-grandmother to three great-grandchildren.

Though she has lived more than 100 years, this Centenarian describes herself and her life in three simple words.

“I’m just me,” Sorrells said.

Sorrells said she doesn’t have the secret to a long life, but she thinks one thing might have helped.

“I’ve lived a simple life,” she said. “We didn’t do extra things, but we would do something when we could. And we had good food, even during the war.”


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