Charter school makes home at new campus


Each school year brings something new — new learning opportunities, new school supplies, new friends — but this school year brings a new campus for students at Lincoln Academy.

Lincoln Academy, a core-knowledge Jefferson County Public Schools charter school, has recently relocated to a larger campus, the former home of Two Roads Charter School, 7180 Oak St.

“We’ve been in Arvada area since 1997,” said Lincoln Academy Principal Janelle Johnson. “This is our third move and hopefully our final move. This move really provides a lot more space for us. We moved from three acres to 15 acres and it’s exciting for us.”

The two schools “did a swap, give or take a few million,” Johnson joked, as Two Roads is now at Lincoln Academy’s former campus, 6980 Pierce St. The new Lincoln Academy campus is known in the area as the former “Maranatha Christian Center.”

“We were filling every nook and cranny of that facility,” Johnson said. “We had maximized the space and our program is such that we have long wait lists and we wanted to be able to provide our program to more students in the Arvada area.”

The new campus adds 12 acres to the school’s property, including many grass areas for children to play in, three playgrounds and 25,000 square-feet of classroom space.

The expanded space allows Lincoln Academy to add a new kindergarten, first and second grade class, Johnson said, and as the second graders proceed to third grade there will be a new third grade class and so on.

“We’ll really have a lot more elbow room,” she said. “We just have space. We only have one classroom not utilized this year. We’ve really used every spots to its fullest. We’re ready to expand.”

Though the school is reaching capacity in its new facility, with 605 students in kindergarten through eighth grade and 40 students in pre-school, there are still a few spots available for families with first and second graders.

“We still encourage families to come and fill out an application and see if this is a good fit for their student,” Johnson said.

The curriculum at Lincoln Academy is back-to-basics, Johnson said.

“There is a scaffolding of every child in the United States no matter where they area that they need to know the fundamental basics of reading, math, science, history and literature and from there it builds upon it every year,” Johnson said. “So in first grade they learn a little about the American Revolution and then in fourth grade they go more in depth and detail about the American Revolution so it scaffolds itself up.”

Suzanne Gdovic has an eighth-grade son at Lincoln Academy now and her daughter, now in high school, is an alumna of the school.

“As a parent, I explored the different curriculum and I love the core knowledge curriculum because it’s the basics of what they need to learn in life and then some,” Gdovic said. “I like the rigorous academics, they’re getting homework and learning there are certain things you need to do in life and that starts here at school.”

With its new space, Lincoln Academy has more space to grow as well too. Johnson said teachers are talking about being able to do outdoor science labs, such as a Channel 31 weather bug, and other activities with students outside.

“I can’t wait until the day people say the Lincoln Academy campus,” Johnson said. “They’ll know us by the reputation we build here. We’re bringing a good reputation from Pierce Street west into the Arvada area.”

Lincoln Academy is hosting an open house and ribbon cutting 3 - 8 p.m. Monday Aug. 26 at the new location. The ribbon cutting is at 6:30 p.m.

The open house will also include hamburgers and hot dogs for sale to support the middle school students’ marine science trip to Florida this year.

For more information on Lincoln Academy, visit or call 303-467-5363.


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