Developer submits application for Walmart


Industrial Realty Group filed a development application with the city of Arvada for the redevelopment of Arvada Plaza, which includes a Walmart.

IRG has been looking for potential tenants since it bought the property in 2007, said Peter Goffstein with IRG. He said IRG has an agreement with Walmart.

“Walmart certainly is impactful in terms of the financial benefit to the community and the urban renewal district,” Goffstein said.

The Arvada Plaza is part of the Arvada Triangle, a group of three shopping centers near 58th Avenue and Independence Street that has been the focus of redevelopment by the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority since 2002.

Walmart officials announced in January its intention to build a superstore at the Arvada Plaza, which would require razing some of the current buildings.

According to the preliminary development plans IRG submitted, which can be viewed at, locations in the Arvada Plaza not affected by the redevelopment are Santiagos, U.S. Bank, KFC/Taco Bell and a vacant property adjacent to Santiagos.

The submitted application seeks to create two parcels on the property owned by IRG, Goffstein said.

The parcels would include 13.85 acres for Walmart and about 2.78 acres of other development.

“We’ve done some initial planning based on land and other typical development restraints, and it can include between 20,000-25,000 square feet of additional retail space,” Goffstein said.

Though IRG has submitted an application, the development process is still in its early stages, city of Arvada Communication Manager Wendy Forbes said. Public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council will probably be in a couple months.

“Public hearings won’t be set until the application is considered complete,” Forbes said. “It has to go through review with various engineers assigned to the project, and typically plans go through two rounds. The length of time is very unpredictable depending on the number of rounds it goes through.”

In the review process, engineers from different departments review every aspect of the plans, make recommendations for the building to meet codes and then are given back to the developer to make changes, and then the process starts again.

“They’re going to look at zoning, traffic issues and impacts, which is why they were required to submit a traffic report, soil samples, drainage, every facet of that building and technical requirements associated with it,” Forbes said.

Though a Walmart store coming to Arvada has been met with mixed reviews from residents, Forbes said it’s important for residents to realize the Planning Commission and council’s role in the issue.

“The Planning Commission and council have to have a true reason to go against any project,” she said. “It’s not so much the retailers - it comes down to the use of the land itself.”

While public hearings have not yet been set, residents can mail or drop off letters regarding the development to City Hall, 8101 Ralston Road.

All letters from the public are put into the official record and submitted, along with the application and supplemental items, to the Planning Commission and council when they begin their review process.

Public hearings will be posted on the Arvada Triangle website, sent out via Arvada Triangle Notify Me notifications available on the website, on the calendar on and posted in the Arvada Press.

The application and supplemental items submitted by IRG can be found on under “News and Updates.”


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