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Letter: At what cost?


Recent articles in the newspaper covering parents triumphantly defending their schools, to prevent closure, sounds wonderful. No budget cuts to student programming, another recent headline, also sounds great. Long awaited increases to teacher salaries, and a return to withheld step increases for ESP's were granted as a necessary step forward to keep Jefferson County School District competitive with others in the area but this costs money.

Other area school districts received increased funding recently while Jeffco voters defeated the two proposed measures to increase their school funding. If we are not closing older, underutilized schools or cutting programs, where is the money to pay salary increases coming from?

To offset increased salaries you decrease hours. With decreased working hours you have larger class sizes, less small group and individual student interventions, more split classes (multigrade), less cleaning of classrooms, less teacher support, less special programs, etc.

Keeping reallocations away from student learning is an admirable goal but almost impossible when everything we do is focused on students. They will be affected and, since hours are already being cut, have already been affected.

The school doors are still open but what is going on inside?

Laura Hollenbaugh




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Douglas Parker

The bond issue didn't pass because of the underhanded dealings of the teachers union, the AP history "protest" and the recall. Now, the clueless school board is going to waste another half of million dollars looking for a superintendent.

Its not "about the kids"

Its about the teachers union..... Find a good private school. The four years your kids spends in High School is important. don't waste those years hoping that the school board will become honest.

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