My Name Is... Mike Smith of Arvada

Skier, hiker, gardener, home flipper


About me

Called out by the mountains and my love for all things outdoorsy, Colorado is now my happy place.

I’m originally from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philly. There, while growing up, I met my sweetheart, Catie, and found a passion for skiing, gardening and construction. In January 2014, we decided to move to Colorado to be nearer the slopes and to do construction — specifically flipping homes.

Finding a happy job

We bought our Olde Town home and we completely gutted it. It was a really fun project that turned out well. Since I have my own construction company and I love renovating homes, Catie and I decided to start our own company, Happy Homes Ltd. We started with the home next to us on Yukon Street, and have since flipped a house on Grant Place. We’re currently looking for our fourth project in the Arvada area. I really love the homes that need to be gutted.

My happy pastimes

Outside of my construction and house-flipping businesses, I love to ski, specifically alpine. I go where the snow is. I also enjoy hiking 14ers and have done 11 in the last two years — 10 of which were last summer. My favorite was Mount Eolus. You take the Silverton train to the trailhead of the Needle Mountains, and hike a little over 6 miles into a place where you can climb to two other peaks, Windom Peak and Sunlight Peak. I love experiencing Colorado for what it has to offer — the mountains.

In my spare time, I love to garden. I’m a pescatarian, so I don’t eat any red meat, chicken or pork, but I do eat fish. I love healthy meals, so I grow quite a bit of produce. I have huge garden boxes in my back yard, and they’re full of pineapple plants, avocado plants, peppers, green chilies, zucchinis, cantaloupe, sugar snap peas, kale and more. I love being the person who can grow, work and tend to the produce I feed to my family. I also have a tendency to take grocery store fruit and try and grow it in my yard — I tried it with pineapples, with success, and now I do it all the time.

Finding peace on water

I love traveling on water. Ideally, I’d love to stop working, take a boat and go sail around the world. We visit a lot of tropical areas, and we’re going to Belize this May. I just love the water. It’s calming and whatever body it is — an ocean, a lake, a river — I feel at peace.

I’m a man of too many hobbies and have a full house of toys. But I wouldn’t trade it. We love Arvada, the community, the people and the location. I have a house where I can see Mount Evans to the south and Pikes Peak to the north. Does it get any better than that?


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