Police Briefs

Woman bitten by dog on trail

Wednesday, June 26, Croke Canal, 81 st Avenue and Kipling Street

A woman was reportedly bitten by an unknown dog, causing her to received medical attention from Lutheran Medical Center.

The woman told police she was on the Croke Canal feeding foxes when a large, white, long-haired dog bit her.

The dog ran off after biting her. Police performed a 10-day area check looking in the area for the dog, but it was not found. The woman was spoken to about feeding wildlife as well.

Man issued summons after fight near Fourth of July celebration

9:39 p.m. Thursday, July 4, W. 58 th Avenue and Oak Street

A man was issued a summons for assault and disobeying a lawful order after running from police following a fight near the Fourth of July celebration. Police saw the fight and as they approached, a man wearing jeans and no shirt emerged from the crowd that surrounded the fight and started running. Police yelled ”Police! You need to stop!” and ”Police, stop running!” The man continued to run, but several people pointed to the man and told police he was ”the one.”

Another officer was able to intercept the man and tackle him to the ground. The man was taken into custody and police asked why he ran from them. The man said he thought the officer was someone he was just fighting with and mistakenly heard ”Please stop running.”

The man said he had a few beers, but would not elaborate.

Following interviews with witnesses and victims on scene, an officer found probable cause to charge the man with third-degree assault. Because he ran from police when an officer told him to stop running, the man was also charged with disobeying a lawful order.

The man was issued his summons as he was being treated in the back of an ambulance for cuts and scrapes sustained in the tackle. He was then transported to the hospital.

Man receives suspicious text messages from unknown number

6:03 p.m., Monday, July 8, 6800 block of Newcombe Street

A man contacted police after receiving threatening text messages from an unknown number.

The man said he did not know whose number it was, but the messages had ”Mattko 2323” on the bottom. Two of the messages included ”Dude, I know where you live and you will hear from us. Followed you home” and ”I see your truck.”

The man replied asking the unknown person what was going on, but the person never replied. The man’s girlfriend said her purse was stolen at the Westminster July 4 celebration, but was later returned with everything inside except money and her cell phone. She told police she is concerned information from her cell phone could be associated with the messages.

Police were unable to contact the person who sent the messages, but left a voicemail for them to call.

Man charged with careless driving for altercation with bicyclist

12:02 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, W. 52nd Avenue and Vance Street

A man was issued a summons for careless driving after he caused a bicyclist to collide with his vehicle by ”slamming on the brakes.”

The altercation between the bicyclist and the driver of a Chevrolet Blazer occurred at W. 53rd Avenue and CSH-121.

The bicyclist was riding his road bike southbound on Vance Street when he came to a stop for a red light. The bicyclist occupied the left turn lane prior to the Blazer.

The bicyclist was in the far right portion of the turn lane and proceeded once the light turned green. The driver then turned inside his lane position onto eastbound W. 52nd.

The driver came to an abrupt stop for no apparent reason, causing the bicyclist to collide with the rear of the vehicle. The collision injured the bicyclist, causing his nose to bleed.

The driver then ”got in his face” and told him ”You’re the reason why people hate bicyclists” and continued to taunt him, offering no aid for his injury.

A witness confirmed the happenings to police.

The motorist continued to yell and taunt the bicyclist while police were on scene.

After being told twice by police, the motorist eventually sat on the curb as directed. He remained uncooperative with police.

The driver was issued a municipal summons and complaint charging him with careless driving.

The bicyclist was checked out by Arvada Fire personnel, who said he did not have a broken nose, and he denied further medical treatment.

Man uses pellet gun to scare rabbits, strikes nearby home with pellets

6:27 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, 16000 block of W. 70th Place

A man was issued a summons for throwing missiles after reportedly trying to scare rabbits off his property with a pellet gun.

A woman and her sons were outside when she saw the neighbor point a large gun in her direction. She then heard two ricochets off the back of her home. The man lives directly north of the woman’s property with a 20-yard greenbelt between them.

The man told police that he and his neighbors were having ongoing issues with rabbits on their property. After trying several other remedies to rid his property of rabbits, the man started using a small pellet gun to scare the rabbits from his property.

The man admitted to shooting two pellets to the south at about 6 p.m. July 9, but he said he did not see whether the woman and her sons were outside and he did not aim the pellet gun at their home nor intentionally shoot at their residence.

The man said he never had any contact with the family and there was no animosity toward them. He said if pellets did strike their home, it was purely accidental.

The man was issued a summons for throwing missiles.


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