Police Briefs

Man issued assault summons after altercation while driving

Monday, March 25, 60th Avenue and Lamar Street

A man was issued a municipal summons for third-degree assault after an apparent traffic altercation.

The victim was waiting to turn left at the intersection of West 72nd Avenue and Carr Street. He was distracted when the light turned green, which caused him to delay turning.

After the man turned and a white SUV behind him turned, the two were driving beside each other and the man in the white SUV was agitated that he took so long to turn.

As they were driving side by side, the two were yelling obscenities at each other.

The driver of the SUV told police the man spit at his vehicle twice, which caused him to throw a light-weight air freshener container at the man’s vehicle.

The victim said the SUV driver threw a glass bottle, which hit him on the back of his head and caused pain and a bump to form. Police took photos of his injuries and collected the bottle as evidence.

Based on the reports from both drivers, Arvada police issued the driver of the SUV a municipal summons for third-degree assault. The victim driver signed as the complaintant due to the differences in their stories.

Mailboxes damaged, pried open at apartment complex

4:32 p.m. Tuesday, March 26, 7300 block of 84th Way

Police were called to the Castlegate Apartments after a postal carrier noticed fresh pry marks on a community mailbox used by the apartment complex.

The postal carrier said she delivered mail to the same community mailboxes on March 23 and there were no marks on the boxes.

She told police that two mailboxes were left open with no mail inside at the mailboxes nearest to the clubhouse and the mail could have been stolen.

Police investigated the mailboxes nearest to the clubhouse and found nearly every mailbox had damage consistent with pry marks.

Police then told a representative with the apartment complex of the possible criminal activity and requested they inform residents to call police if they believe their mail was stolen.

Gas overflow leads to hazardous material clean-up

4:32 p.m 3:47 p.m., area of 64th Avenue and Gardenia Street

A customer left her car unattended while pumping gas at a Conoco station and gas had overflown.

By the time the woman returned to her vehicle, about 13 gallons of gas had spilled over onto the ground. The run-off flowed from Conoco’s property through the parking lot into the gutter and down into the storm water system.

The Arvada Fire Department responded to minimize the hazardous material spill and an agent from the city of Arvada’s utilities department responded to coordinate the city’s response to the hazardous materials spill.

Conoco contracted with Custom Environmental Services to clean the spill.

Vehicle broken into, stereo stolen while parked at restaurant

8:50 p.m. Tuesday, March 26, Applebee’s, 5265 Wadsworth Blvd.

An Applebee’s employee’s vehicle was broken into and the stereo stolen from it while it was parked in the restaurant’s parking lot.

At about 7:40 p.m., a customer told the employee that someone’s vehicle had been broken into in the parking lot. She went outside and saw it was her 1989 Chevrolet Blazer.

The front passenger side window was broken and the car stereo was missing. Nothing else had been taken.

No one saw the incident happen.

The stereo was valued about $200 and the broken window would cost about $200 to repair.

There were no fingerprints or items left behind by the thief.


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