Safeway a casualty of Walmart


Our planning commission and council should be proud.

We have sustained the first casualty of the Walmart in Armada Plaza, in that Safeway at 58th and Independence is gone.

No matter that it was convenient for the residents of the Meridian and surrounding areas to walk to the store, we are going to have a Walmart.

Most of us can’t hoof it to 64 and Ward, but who cares? I for one do, as this is just the first in a series of our good neighbors being forced out.

Do you suppose employees can find an equal job to the one they lost at Safeway at Walmart? I don’t.

In our neighborhood, everone is for keeping the individual businesses, but we are told, we are meeting our goal by getting a large retailer.

This is supposed to be a representative government.

The council is supposed to be working for the citizens.

John McGuire



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