Very concerned about Olde Town Arvada


I am very concerned for the future of my community. How can Olde Town Arvada keep its “old town” feel with a five-story apartment complex at the corner of Wadsworth and Ralston Road?

Do the residents realize the tragedy about to take over our homes? It appears that there is not enough outrage for this travesty and we as residents need to speak up.

In addition, only blocks west they are going to add a Walmart — yes, another Walmart. A corporation that does not support community or local business.

I thought the city of Arvada and its residents were finally bringing themselves into the 21st century and beyond with the support for local business and community along Old Wadsworth.

Instead, we are going to take a million steps backward and allow another large corporation to move in and ultimately close-down every mom and pop and small business in the area.

Has anyone considered that if they build a Walmart in the Arvada Triangle area that people may then not shop at King Soopers, Safeway, and Kmart?

With that in mind, we can have three more empty parking lots and stores along Ralston Road that will require revitalization, rather than one.

Arvada residents, please think about what you want to see in your community and consider attending the planning commission meeting on June 4 at 6:30 p.m. and have your voice be heard.

Jennifer Hinkley Karnisky


More to say

There is some additional information related to the article on state funding for the beltway.

The initial plans made by the CDOT NW Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Study were for a four lane freeway from the end of the NW Parkway toll road to C-470 and I-70 in Golden.

When it became obvious that the more than $1 billion to build the project would not be available for the foreseeable future, CDOT directed the contractors to redesign the highway as a tolled highway.

That meant that SH-93 through Golden would be six lanes (the existing two free lanes plus four new tolled lanes), and U.S.. Highway 6 would become eight lanes (the existing four free lanes plus four new tolled lanes).

Both the freeway plan and the tolled plan included shifting SH-93 to the west, per the Muller Engineering Design that Golden had done in 2003.

The plan being considered by CDOT for approval includes the same speed limits and sound mitigation construction as is in the original 2003 plan.

The major change in the latest plan is that the two new lanes on SH-93 will be tolled in order to help pay for the project.

As there can be no traffic lights on tolled highways, the intersection of Washington and SH-93 will be built as a grade-separated interchange.

Dick Sugg, Member NW Corridor

EIS Technical Support Committee


Support ot Lamontagne

I am writing to ask everyone to vote for Jeff Lamontagne for Jeffco School Board this November.  He is an effective leader who represents a moderate, balanced perspective for Jeffco students.

You may know Jeff as the co-founder of the Second Wind Fund, a teen suicide prevention program that was started in 2002.

Jeff has also served on the Jefferson Foundation Board.

I have known Jeff for many years, and have found him to be a very honest, sincere, and hard-working individual. I know that he will be an asset to the Jeffco School Board.

Jeff, who is a parent of two Jeffco students, supports well-funded schools that always strive to improve.  

He also understands the importance of competitive wages in attracting and keeping the best teachers here in Jeffco. 

Jeff will work to make sure that every Jeffco student is college and career ready.

As the director of a non-profit, Jeff knows that every dollar spent must have a maximum impact on our Jeffco students.  

Jeff’s balanced and results-focused approach makes him the best candidate for Jeffco School Board.

Bob Zachman



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