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Give the money back

I just read the article about $2 million going to build more bike trails. I also just finished watching President Obama talking about how there will be military cuts, cuts in border security, people dying in the streets (that’s my exaggeration) and kids not being able to go to school because our federal budget may be cut by a measly 2 percent.

If there is so much talk about financial Armageddon, they why are we spending money on bike trails? This $2 million is also 35 percent borrowed money, mostly from communist China. I know local governments are just as greedy when the federal government wants to give them “free money”.

But this is ridiculous, the spending has to stop sometime or we will go broke as a nation. We are trillions in debt and yet no one in government, local and federal, can be credited as being wise in the way we manage our money.

All they want is take, take, take. What about the country as a whole? Maybe the local government should give back the $2 million and say we have bigger problems. But that won’t happen. It”s sad to see what our country has become.

David Albertsen


Pay attention to what’s
happening at Rocky Flats

We need to take a moment out of our busy lives and take a close look at what is happening right here in Jefferson County at the old nuclear weapons plant that some of us remember as Rocky Flats.

Why are we allowing elected officials to make plans for hiking trails, housing subdivisions, and a highway anywhere near a place that was once called the “most polluted piece of land in the U.S.”?

The former Rocky Flats area, which was “cleaned-up” in a manner that was far ahead of schedule and was extraordinarily under budget, where disastrous fires occurred and normal incineration procedures burned radioactive plutonium and other toxic wastes in which the wind blew in every which direction on those days. Where a former director of the Jefferson County Health Department lost his job by reporting his findings of the contamination within a 10-mile radius of the area, a place where the federal government actually raided itself to reveal the contaminated land.

What are we thinking? Or are we just burring our heads in the sand to ignore the reality here? Plutonium has a half-life of 24,000 years; we can’t see it, smell it or even detect it without special equipment, yet it will be around long after our great grandchildren’s children have grown.

As I run and enjoy the fresh air on the trails around Standley Lake, I seriously wonder what is in the air that I am breathing? The cleanup in 2005 did not scrub our soils clean of plutonium, why are we allowing development to stir it all up? I hope construction workers are being protected from plutonium dust particles that are millions of times more dangerous than naturally occurring radioactive dust particles of Uranium.

I certainly won’t be hiking near any of those proposed trails, or pay to drive on a new highway through the area.

Maureen Dooley-Elmaleh



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