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Five questions with Nikki Sumait

General manager at 24 Hour Fitness Arvada West Super-sport


How did you get involved in the fitness world?

I’ve been with 24 Hour Fitness for almost eight years. I started as a gymnast when I was younger. I also played basketball. So, I’ve always just loved sports, loved fitness.

I really got into fitness in college when I was studying business management. I actually used to work at a cold stone, completely opposite from fitness. But I started working with a gym to get a free membership. I just loved the competition and more importantly the community that came along with it.

After debating what I wanted to do with my business management degree, I decided to pursue a career with fitness. I started in the Los Angeles market and was there for five years, then the Boulder 24-Hour Super-sport and now I’ve been in Arvada for two months.

2 What is important about the month of January in the fitness industry?

New Year’s resolutions. There’s a different mindset and motivation of people who are coming in. For us at 24 Hours Fitness, what we like to live by is creating habits in the gym to make life outside the gym more enjoyable.

So, a lot of people are coming in to change things about themselves, their body, their stress levels. And we capitalize on that because the volume is five times in January versus December. It’s a lot of fun getting to meet people coming in and working on New Year’s resolutions. It’s the mindset and the motivation level of people across the nation.

3 What tips can you offer to a first time gym goer in the new year?

It’s all about consistency and leveraging all of the tools in the club. Most people tend to get excited about the first three weeks and then fall off. But a first-time gym goer can leverage group exercise classes to create a community and meet new people, personal training to get a specific program and customized plan for their fitness goals.

24 Hour Fitness also has a brand new app on smart phones called 24Go. It’s a custom coaching app, which you can have a specific plan based on your goals. I think for a first-time gym goer being consistent and being patient and knowing that change takes many months is important.

4 How can someone stay focused on their fitness goals over the long term?

I would tie that back into leveraging all the amenities. Why I love 24 Hour Fitness is because of the community. Getting into those group exercise classes, really leveraging personal training are good ways to stay focused.

We also have a small group training. It’s also important to understanding that lasting change takes time and there are several phases. The first phase is the activation phase when someone learns how to use their bodies and muscles.

The second stage is specialization with more compound workouts. The last one is optimization, which generally takes three to four months. That’s when you see the results and it’s a more ingrained habit.

5 Can you talk about the new club and the special amenities it has to offer?

The new club is the only super-sport in the area. We are 43,000 square feet. What makes us different is we have towel service, a kids club, a functional turf zone… We offer personal training. We offer group exercise classes that are completely free including spin studio classes.

We have a pool, whirl pool, sauna and steam room. We also have an olympic lifting platforms. I think our 20 certified personal trainers adds value in the membership. We also have a certified US Olympic trainer on our team. So the background and certification of our staff is just as great as our amenities.


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