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Jordan Hohenstein - Arvada City Council At Large candidate


Jordan Hohenstein is a 26-year resident of Arvada. He was an active volunteer in Barack Obama’s two presidential elections, as well as Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. He currently works as a brand ambassador for major companies.

He holds an undergraduate degree from CU Bounder and the Harvard Extension School in international relations and political science.

Contact: jordanforarvada@gmail.com

Campaign website: jordanforarvada.com

Why do you want to serve on council?

My desire to serve on Arvada City Council arrives as a direct rebuttal to the national political climate that stands for the principals of hatred, xenophobia, and bigotry. I believe in political modernity — not in the principles and values that brings us backward like so many have done and wish to do. I believe that Arvada’s future is forward instead of backward, and progressive instead of stagnant. I am the only liberal candidate in this race fighting for progressive values and offering to bring Arvada into a future of clean energy, equality, and modernity.

Top three priorities if elected?

• Pointing Arvada toward a 100% clean energy-powered future to combat climate change and global warming.

• Creating a pro-clean energy business environment to revitalize Arvada’s economy, attract clean energy entrepreneurs and small businesses, and create good jobs for all.

• Enacting greater oversight and voter inclusion over AURA and ending the bad business of $30 land deals.

What should the city’s role be in regards to homelessness?

Arvada has a choice to either ignore the issue and proliferate the homeless population, or act now to change the narrative before it spirals out of control. I am currently studying other cities that successfully manage homelessness, and if elected I will work with nonprofits and local organizations to develop and implement effective solutions. I will always advocate for the dispossessed and the homeless who in my eyes still possess a voice and value in our community.

Arvada’s city road needs are many. How would you approach the problem?

If elected I will repair and expand our roads, address the traffic problem, and lower the ‘pothole tax’ we all pay. To generate funding I will look at smart investments for road renewal and at the economic opportunity of expanding public transit options and clean energy development. Furthermore, I will create better deals that do not use Tax Increment Financing so that Arvada can use our rightful tax revenue to invest back into our city. I believe that investing in our roads will encourage greater growth in all areas, and this will always be a priority of action for me.

Do you approve or disapprove of how the city and partners like AURA have handled city redevelopment of late?

I greatly disapprove and it seems that most Arvada residents greatly disapprove. I do not believe that AURA has correctly applied Colorado Constitution urban renewal laws and I disagree with the use of Tax Increment Financing as it siphons tax revenue from our city and directs it toward the pockets of private interests and development companies. To correct this mishandling, I want to create greater AURA oversight and get the voter involved in urban renewal decision making.


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