A New In Silico Study Finds Nitric Oxide Supplement May Increase Vitamin D Production and Bioavailability


(BPT) - A recent in silico analysis has found that supplement-induced bioproduction of endothelial nitric oxide may also increase the endogenous production, bioavailability, and efficacy of vitamin D3. These findings are the work product of a Connecticut-based biotechnology company, Emergent Systems Analytics (ESA), co-founded by Drs. Shama Kajiji and Anton Fliri. ESA uses its patented AI-technology based on Emergent Intelligence to analyze complex datasets, systems biology, and translational sciences.

Previous studies have conclusively demonstrated the human body’s ability to produce nitric oxide (NO) declines with aging, and this generally results in declining health due to an increase in cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases. A few months ago, ESA used its powerful systems pharmacology platform and spectral clustering methodology to project the body-wide effects resulting from Cardio Miracle, a nutraceutical supplement, with a unique ability to increase the biological production of NO in human endothelial cells.

Dr. Fliri, a medicinal chemist, conducted these cutting-edge in silico (computer simulations) studies. These studies involved processing trillions of data points from over 17 million peer-reviewed scientific journals and the evaluation of cause-effect relationships on all tissues and organ systems of the human body for analyses of over 700 natural products isolated from the 50+ ingredients in Cardio Miracle’s proprietary blend.

“We discovered that Cardio Miracle’s unique blend of ingredients has the propensity to not only increase NO production, but also enhance Vitamin D3 bioavailability and its efficacy,” said Dr. Fliri. “Thus, Cardio Miracle could be efficacious for intercepting progression of atherosclerosis, which is the thickening or hardening of the arteries caused by buildup of plaque in the inner lining of an artery – the precursor to many heart-related issues.”*

According to Dr. Kajiji, ESA findings highlight the multiple health benefits of Cardio Miracle: boosting NO production, improved vitamin D3 efficacy, and dampening of inflammatory conditions that are responsible for many chronic diseases. “We have found that Cardio Miracle is not only an effective NO-producing nutraceutical but also a powerful Vitamin D supplement.”

Backed by Science

In the early1980s, medical research breakthroughs discovered that a molecule, thought to be solely toxic, performed many critical communication functions in the human body. That molecule was NO. In fact, in 1992, Science Magazine called it the body’s “queen of communication”. In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology was awarded to three U.S. scientists who discovered that NO was a vasodilator produced by blood vessels that was responsible for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. The Nobel Prize research noted that NO, among other things, helped maintain blood vessel flexibility, increased blood flow and blood oxygenation. Soon after these scientific discoveries, men and women of all ages started to tap into the health benefits of NO.

Food for Thought

There are several super-foods that boost NO naturally, including spinach, broccoli, carrots, kale, and beets, to name a few. Cardio Miracle includes over 40 fruits and vegetables, botanicals, and herbs containing potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in a great-tasting powder that can be mixed with your favorite drinks and smoothies. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, Cardio Miracle provides the super-food fuel your body needs to boost NO production and, apparently, vitamin D3.

Fueling Bear

Bear Grylls is one of the world’s most recognizable faces of survival and outdoor adventure. Grylls, host of the Emmy Award-nominated series Man vs. Wild television, takes Cardio Miracle daily.

“Surviving in the wild, and the physicality needed for adventure, means looking after my body and fueling it properly,” Grylls said. “I find good nutrition and regular use of Cardio Miracle, which is backed by robust research, play a key part in staying strong and active.”

Intermittent fasting. High intensity training. Cardio training. Healthy eating. All of these are key to obtaining and maintaining healthy body weight, getting in shape, and improving one’s health. But, just those alone pale in comparison when combined with a NO booster, like Cardio Miracle, to level-up the most important muscle in the human body – the heart.

“Whether you are a world-class athlete, a weekend warrior, or just looking to improve your overall fitness and life vitality, increasing NO has proven to help performance,” Dr. Fliri said. “Cardio Miracle is made from the highest quality ingredients, driven and backed by science, and committed to your health and well-being."

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for medical advice from your physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease or prescribing any medication. Carefully read all product documentation. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your regular health care provider.

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