It’s your show so you get to decide your path to success


Do you wake up in the morning feeling excited that you’ve got a new day to create something? Or do you wake up with a sense of dread?

Contrary to what is being marketed, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to creating wellness and success.

We’re all unique. We all have different priorities, goals, upbringing, and skill-sets. To think there’s a universal 3, 5, or 7-step process that will solve everyone’s problem and help them feel successful is ludicrous.

Many folks make life and success much more difficult than it needs to be. Success is how you define it. If you’re feeling successful and your life works then stop comparing yourself to others. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to earn X-number of dollars or drive a certain set of wheels to be “successful.”

We all know many people who make the big bucks and drive the fancy cars but their overall life doesn’t work. They aren’t happy, their health is bad, and they feel miserable.

Try these strategies on for size and keep those that work for you. Remember — it’s your show and you get to decide on the process or blend of processes that work for you. You also get to decide if you want to move fast or slow, take a break now and then, or just forget it all.

I do offer this observation — you can’t run away from yourself. Many try to numb this pain with alcohol, drugs, exercise, and crazy work hours. These are just diversions and don’t work for the long-haul. The only thing I’m aware of that works 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of the people is to be authentic, love yourself, and heal your past wounds.

1. Develop Your Vision

Without a vision it’s impossible to create anything — everything we do or create starts with a thought. This vision is personal to you and gives direction to your overall life and purpose. As Helen Keller is famous for saying - “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

2. Assume 100 percent Responsibility

Assume your power and take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. By assuming responsibility you take yourself out of the victim mentality and immediately move yourself into the creator mentality.

3. Believe

Once you have your vision defined you need to believe that you can and will achieve it. The easiest way I know is to tell yourself the story of your success (whatever it is) and repeat this over and over throughout your day.

4. Participate

A great deal of the fun in accomplishing your vision is the daily process. Deciding what you’re going to do today to move forward, doing it, and then crossing it off your list as COMPLETE. Our brains love this feedback.

5. Be Curious

Continue learning and taking in new information. Our brains love making new connections which will keep you younger, sharper, and smarter.

6. Spread the Love

Now that you’re walking your path with assuredness and a little swagger, help others who are stuck as you once were. New thoughts equal new solutions. Many are feeling stressed and inadequate - give them a smile and heartfelt congratulation to help them on their journey.

Glenn Bott of Arvada speaks and coaches on empowerment and resiliency. He shares the proven techniques he used to successfully reinvent himself after recovering from a severe and life-threatening brain injury.

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