Letter to the editor: Disappointed in Perlmutter

Democrats have desired to impeach President Trump since Election Day. Many publicly stated as much. This gave rise to the Russia collusion investigation and subsequent appointment of special counsel Mr. Mueller. Mueller admitted in public hearings that there was no criminal evidence that the President conspired with Russia, and the report called for no criminal charges against the President. The investigation was a flop. When that didn’t work, Democrats moved to using the so called “whistle blower.” He had no firsthand knowledge of the Trump-Ukraine call.
The Democrats accused the President of Quid Pro Quo, then bribery, all the while initially conducting their unprecedented hearings in the basement of the Capitol behind closed doors until it became too embarrassing. Their focus groups told them that Quid pro Quo and bribery were not working. They switched to the amorphous terms “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress” (not Obstruction of Justice) because they had no proof of crimes. All this time they were ignoring important legislation until public pressure forced them to pass the U.S.M.C.A. trade bill. They rushed to impeach him because they said the Constitution and justice demanded swift action.
Ironically, now Speaker Pelosi is no longer in any hurry. Without authority she insists that the Senate trial be “fair.” Pelosi is suddenly concerned with fairness when the House actions were anything but fair in my opinion. Rep. Perlmutter cooperated with all of this malarkey because he is a purely partisan sycophant of Pelosi. CD7 deserves better leadership in Congress than Perlmutter has provided.
David Martinez,


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