Letter to the editor: Duped on the decade

We are constantly hearing that this is the end of the decade, unfortunately many TV and radio commentators seem to have forgotten basic math. A decade is 10 years. The first year is one, not zero. Therefore, a decade consists of the years 1 through 10. Following this logic, the end of the decade is December 31, 2020; not 2019. Some people consider the year Jesus was born as the year zero and count it. I cannot buy that mathematically, though I imagine that is an individual choice.
We just went through this same exercise at the turn of a new century. The beginning of the 21st century was Jan 1, 2001, not the year 2000 as was so widely believed. Our calendar started in the year one, there never was a year zero. The same math applies to both the decade and the century. More simply put, we count from one to ten, not from zero to nine.
William Hineser,


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