Simple ways to train your brain for positivity


From the Navy Seals, to cutting edge organizations, to the kid next door. Everyone is beginning to realize the power of positivity and how to harness it for their own use. The good news — it’s available to everyone. With continued practice your positivity attitude will grow to encompass your personal and professional life.

Our thoughts control our lives. Our internal dialogue is the single most powerful source of our moods, quality of life, relationships, health and wealth. Recent studies show the average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. These same studies show that between 80-98 percent of these thoughts are negative. I’d say it’s time to do some house-cleaning and change our ways!

Find a methodology that works for you. Pick and choose based on your personal preferences and results. Then continue using it and watch the magic start to happen. It’s more important to do something repeatedly than follow a certain number of steps intermittently.

You are Job 1

Take care of yourself. Be your own best friend and cut yourself some slack. If your gas tank is always on Empty, you don’t have enough energy, love, and smiles for those you meet throughout the day. Begin to realize your greatness and take time during the day to recharge. Keep your tank of goodwill and self-love on Full. Be thankful and appreciative of all the good that happens in your life. Many successful people (Oprah, Richard Branson, etc) have gratitude journals to track all the great things that happen throughout their day. Before long it becomes automatic and all you’ll see are the positive things happening throughout your day.

Have a Vision

What do you want to create? What’s your why? When you have a strong and important vision it makes life very easy and simple. When presented with a choice, take a moment to check in with yourself. If it seems logical and feels correct in supporting your vision, then do it. If not, kindly say “no thanks” and move on. You don’t have to fret over past decisions or wonder if you’re missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime possibility. If it’s for your best interest you’ll get another opportunity.

Develop Your Lateral Thinking Skills

There are an incredible number of ways to solve a problem. Many people quit after the first one or two ideas, decide it’s impossible, and move on. These are not the people you want leading your projects or on your team. Begin to find new connections — how is this (whatever this is) like a flower? What does it have in common with a cloud?

How would it function in a weightless environment? Play around and have fun creating new connections/solutions. There is always a way. Or two. Or three.

When you develop this attitude you will always find a solution. Again, use your logical mind and have fun in developing new possibilities and potential solutions. If it works - GREAT. If not, learn from that experience and move forward with a new potential solution. The only way to fail is to quit.

Be Worthy

Expect your life to work and accept all the good things that comes your way. When you have an attitude of worthiness you are positive because you believe/know that goodness is a part of life. We’re all creators and constantly creating our lives based on our continual thoughts/feelings we tell ourselves throughout the day. When you’re worthy, your internal dialogue shifts to one of expecting good things to happen and graciously giving thanks for the support in your vision.

Glenn Bott of Arvada is enthusiastic about life and everything he does! He speaks and coaches on personal and professional success.

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