Time to increase your happiness intelligence


We hear a lot about our emotional intelligence these days. Do you take time to increase your Happiness Intelligence? This is much more important to your longstanding success and satisfaction than your EI or IQ. Let’s explore this further:

Happiness is available to each of us throughout the day. It’s a matter of choice, an inside job. In any moment we can choose to be happy, yet this is a rare quality because so few make the decision. Choosing to be happy isn’t difficult. It just takes a little practice. Few do this because of habit and an unwillingness to reprogram themselves for better results.

Shawn Achor, a Harvard professor, teaches a positive psychology course. It’s the most popular class at Harvard, not just because it’s fun and enlightening but because it works and produces results. Shawn defines happiness as doing what you love. It’s what gives meaning to your life.

Shawn’s studies have proven that we all have the power to be happier. This is developed by making a conscious decision to be happy and then develop and strengthen your discipline to keep moving in that direction. His research shows that 75 percent of success comes from your sense of optimism and social connections. The remaining 25 percent is from your “smartness.”

Shawn doesn’t believe in the glass being half-full or half-empty — that’s a scarcity thought. There’s always a pitcher nearby so it doesn’t really matter. We’re all in this together — let’s share our talents and fill up the glass so we all win.

Shawn’s studies prove that happiness is:

* A choice

* Vibrant and spreads

* An advantage

To begin increasing your Happiness Intelligence here are a few easy activities to get you started. As with anything new, you can’t just read it and expect it to stick. You’ve got to do it. The choice is yours — do you want to get happier and healthier or not?

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