Why your business/organization should look to hire a warrior


Have you noticed how some people have the gift of getting much more than expected? Anything you give them to do is returned with not only what you requested, but much more. And they accomplish this not through brute force or intimidation, but by being themselves. They are highly skilled in the art of conversation and intention.

You need to have at least one of these on your team. I call them warriors.

Warriors are a unique breed of folks with an entirely different attitude than most. The great warriors in history are both male and female, educated and uneducated, fierce and peaceful. Think of Alexander the Great, Amelia Earhart, Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc. While they are remembered for their victories in battle, they have the common attribute of intention. I’m using a broader definition of warrior — those who are true to their heart mission and are relentless.

The warriors I’m speaking of have these common attributes:

• Integrity — Their word is their bond. They meet commitments and are impeccable in all they say and do.

• Mission Focused — They are totally focused on their vision and will employ all the tools available to them to accomplish said goal. They don’t whine or make excuses.

• Skilled in Lateral Thinking — Warriors find a way to succeed. They are always looking for different solutions to achieve their goal. They are relentless in their creative solutions.

• Loyal — It’s important for a warrior’s mission to match their personal beliefs and align with their “why.” This alignment gives them incredible strength and focus, and allows them to fully commit their energy and resources to the task at hand.

• Think Big — they have trained themselves to see possibilities where others only see defeat. They know it takes the same amount of energy to think big as it does to think small. Why have limiting thoughts on what you can accomplish?

• Confident — Warriors are extremely comfortable in their own skin. They know who they are and what they’re about. They use this confidence to increase their power and influence and boldly move forward.

If you want to get the maximum from any situation, you need a warrior. Warriors are skilled in entering a situation knowing what they want in advance of any discussions.

During these verbal exchanges the warrior asks questions and explores all possibilities to better learn the current state of affairs with the other party. It is foolish to assume that everything is the same as originally reported. They are gathering information that may later be useful to them.

Warriors gather as much information as possible, in all situations, because they enjoy learning how other people and organizations operate. This knowledge gives them additional tools to employ in their future endeavors. It gives them an advantage.

For example, a normal person would attend a scheduled meeting, conclude business, and leave. While they may accomplish his/her mission, that’s all they leave with. Warriors have the mindset and understanding that life is dynamic and changes moment-to-moment. By asking questions, and exploring possibilities, the warrior is oftentimes able to return with far better deals and much more current information. Additionally, the warrior now has a personal relationship with the other party that can be used again should the need arise.

Besides being skilled at taking care of themselves, warriors are loyal to their leaders/organization. They speak their truth and are very comfortable standing up for what they believe in and what is “right.” They are loyal to the cause, impeccable in their actions, and they love the action of the negotiation/battle. They thrive on the challenge. They employ everything available to succeed and return to home base having accomplished their mission.

Glenn Bott, warriors


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